Credits and love: Taylor Jewell

NYFW Fitness: AQUA Studio’s Esther Gauthier

Tory Daily & Tory Sport, 2017


Turns out, you can improve upon an already good thing. Hard as it may be for spin-enthusiasts to imagine anything better than spinning, Esther Gauthier struck upon the idea of sinking bikes in four feet of water. At her TriBeca space, AQUA Studio, this means less impact and wear and tear on joints, more effort and a greater workout. The stylish French native and former fashion photographer is cutting a chic swath through the wellness world as more people get turned on to the benefits of a water workout. For Fashion Week, especially, it offers a reprieve, “a way to release stress, get the blood flow going in tired legs after sitting and standing all day and, overall, keeping your wellness in check,” says Gauthier. Sage advice any week of the year.

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