Mindy Kaling’s Favorite Designer and What’s Next for Her Character

HarpersBazaar.com, 2016


Mindy Kaling’s lovable Dr. Mindy Lahiri loves fashion as much as she loves love. In last night’s season finale of The Mindy Project on Hulu, her outfits came in second only to who might or might not end up with. For Kaling, the show is a chance to unleash the full power of her sartorial passions. Kaling’s Instagram feed is as much about the joys of wardrobing as it is writers’ neurosis and snacking. She has created an on-screen chemistry with costume designer Salvador Perez, and has tapped young American Elizabeth Kennedy to craft gowns for several recent red carpet appearances. Here, Kaling talks about working with Kennedy, the red carpet and what’s in store for her character…

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